Shopify Plus vs Magento:
The Difference in Flexibility, Customization, and Scalability

Comparing Shopify Plus vs Magento so you can decide which ecommerce platform is the right for your business? Read this article and discover the difference in flexibility, customization, and scalability!

If you are in the ecommerce business world, the chances are you’ve heard of Shopify Plus and Magento. The Shopify’s ecommerce plan for enterprises has been around for a few years now while Magento’s plan has been a little bit longer. Shopify Plus comes with all the benefits of Shopify, with the security and scalability of their hosted solution and also with the customization and flexibility that enterprise businesses are looking for in a commerce solution.

Benefits of Shopify

Shopify Plus is a user-friendly platform, known for being the most modern and well-designed site on the market. The admin panel is super easy and simple to manage. It is a cloud-hosted solution that offers stability, security, and scalability. It offers a high level of flexibility, customization, and automation. It has strong support resources including success manager and a launch manager. The monthly fees are low when compared to other ecommerce solutions, especially if you decide to use Shopify Payments.

Magento is a self-hosted ecommerce solution. It is highly customizable and has a longer start-up time. It is more expensive when compared to Shopify, especially if we consider the factoring expenses to build the custom ecommerce site.

Ecommerce user-friendly platform

So, how do these two platforms compare? Who is the ultimate winner? Here is Shopify Plus vs Magento and the difference in flexibility, customization, innovation, community, scalability, and cost:

  • Flexibility & Customization: Magento is a clear winner when it comes to flexibility and customization. Magento is fully customizable and there are no limitations. Shopify Plus is also customizable, however, there are certain limitations. We don’t think that these limits are crucial, as a matter of fact, in some situations, we’ve seen these limits to be good for businesses, forcing them to streamline the processes, access the processes, and be more efficient.
  • Innovation: We must say that Shopify Plus is the innovation leader here. After all, Shopify is the first cloud-hosted ecommerce solution, launching new and creative features that improve the shopping experience of the buyers.
  • Community: In the past, Magento has had a powerful community of app developers, however, it has died down. Shopify Plus has an active and vibrant community of developers who turn out applications full of features and add-ons so that users can take advantage of the features that they need with one quick app install.
  • Scalability: You probably think that Magento Enterprise would be more stable and scalable because you have more features and control, however, this is not the case here. When it comes to scalability, Shopify Plus is the winner.
  • Cost: In terms of time and money, Shopify Plus is the clear winner. The service is affordable and less expensive than Magento. It is also much quicker to get up and running and allows sellers to spend less time on the technology and software and more time on doing what they do best and that is being a retail online store that focuses on marketing and selling products.

Magento is the right solution for your business if you need flexibility, you have a bigger budget, an experienced and qualified software team on hand, and you don’t mind the stress of handling security and stability. Shopify Plus on the other side is the right solution for you if you want to spend less, you are totally ok with making some small changes or sacrifices to your business and accept the small Shopify Plus limits, you want to focus on your business and have more time for marketing and selling, and you don’t want to deal with the security and scalability stress.

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