Shopify is better? – We are comparing Shopify Plus and Magneto Enterprise

Shopify is better? – We are comparing Shopify Plus and Magneto Enterprise

Since there are two top options for any large enterprise out there, Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus, it makes perfect sense to focus mostly on them instead of on all of the other platforms out there that simply aren’t as good. Today we are going to be comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise and take a closer look as to why we feel that Shopify Plus is the better choice, so make sure to keep reading until the end of the article if you want to learn more.


When you are running an enterprise, scalability is incredibly important, and both of these platforms are fit to let your business operate at scale. However, when you are working with Magento Enterprise, that scalability definitely comes at a price because you will have to pay for a hosting provider that will be able to accommodate your business at peak traffic. When working with Shopify Plus on the other hand, this won’t be a problem since you will be able to benefit from Shopify’s massive architecture. You will be able to get scalability, reliability, flexibility and much more and there will be no extra payments for you.

Mobile friendly designs

In the day and age that we live in most people out there do their shopping on their mobile devices, so making sure that your ecommerce is mobile friendly is key. All Shopify Plus themes were designed to fit beautifully on a mobile device and that means that the design will remain the same no matter where the customers open the website. On the other hand, when comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise we definitely have to say that Magento’s designs are a bit more difficult and while there is a responsive theme for merchants, you will have to go through heavy page development and even some QA testing before you can use it.


The biggest difference between the two platforms here is the fact that Shopify Plus is hosted by the provider, while Magento Enterprise is hosted by the user, which will be you. Shopify Plus removes all updates or upgrades and you will be able to launch any new features as soon as they are available. When working with Magento, all upgrades will be your responsibility, and some of them can take you weeks to complete.

There is no doubt in our minds that Shopify Plus is the better choice when it choosing between these two platforms. Comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise showed us even more what are some of the things that we love most about this platform, and we definitely hope that this article allowed you to do the same.

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